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Saving Parry Sound with Honey Bees


Bees hold a very special place in the food system; without them we wouldn’t be able to produce much of what we eat today, which has many concerned given the drastic decline in the honey bee population. Knowing this, Canadore College, in partnership with local community organizations, hosted several workshops to teach community residents about the importance of bees.

For Canadore College, the workshops are a way to “build a deeper appreciation of bees, locally grown food and food systems” among community residents. The hands-on educational workshops enable the Parry Sound community to be inspired, enabling them to make a difference in their town.

With support from TD FEF, participating residents helped plant more than 450 bee-friendly plants and trees throughout the community as part of the workshops. Canadore College and its community partners also set up several beehives to support the growth of local vegetable and flower gardens and even encouraged small-scale beekeeping among property-owners.

With more than 100 participants the events were a great success and generated a lot of buzz — pun intended.


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