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New TD report uncovers Canadians’ perceptions about community green spaces



Community green spaces are where communities come together to meet, talk and play – it’s where people find common ground and connect.

According to the new TD GreenSights Report, the majority of Canadians – 95 per cent – believe that access to community green space will be important to their quality of life in the future. However, there is room for improvement: three-quarters (77 per cent) say the green space closest to their home could be better.

To gather insights, TD commissioned a national poll, surveying 1500 Canadians, and hosted the TD Common Ground Think Tank, a roundtable bringing together a select group of green space experts to share their perspectives and discuss what is needed to create heathy, vibrant and inclusive spaces for future generations of Canadians.

The TD GreenSights Report is part of the TD Common Ground Project, an initiative in recognition of Canada’s 150th year, that will create a legacy for Canadians by investing in the revitalization of over 150 community green spaces across the country.

Additional findings include:

  • The top activities Canadians enjoy in their local green space are linked to escapism: 43 per cent say they relax on their own; 42 per cent want to connect with nature; and 41 per cent opt to relax with family and friends.
  • Canadians believe a diverse mix of groups should be considered when designing community green spaces for the future, including families with young children (70 per cent of respondents), seniors (57 per cent) and people with disabilities (53 per cent).
  • Designing environmentally sustainable community green spaces is important to Canadians, no matter the price tag. Ninety-four per cent agree that natural sustainable playground equipment would be important for their local commuunity green space.

For more information, click here for the media release.


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