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TD FEF Leadership Program: Building Capacity in Canada’s Environmental Sector

The nature of environmental advocacy is rapidly changing, requiring skilled, informed and resourced leadership capable of meeting the challenge of our times. This is why we are invested in directly supporting environmental leaders across Canada.

The TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) Leadership Program aims to enhance the organizational capacity of environmental organizations through a Leadership and Organizational Development Course. As part of the program, there will be a 4.5 day in-person course (November 2018), followed by a series of webinars to continue building on your skills.

As one of the only national programs of its kind, entirely focused on the environmental sector, the program will help you move beyond day-to-day activities to build a stronger, more vibrant organization with greater impact.

At least fourteen leadership grants will be awarded as part of this program, covering the cost of the course, as well as travel and accommodations. A minimum of two participants from each of TD FEF’s seven regions will be selected – Pacific, Prairie, Ontario North and East, Western Ontario, Greater Toronto Region, Quebec and Atlantic.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be mid- to senior level from an incorporated environmental organization
  • Applicants should be leaders/innovators in their organization or field
  • Preference will be given to participants working at an organization with an annual operating budget of less than $5 million that has previously received project funding from TD FEF or TD Bank Group
  • Applicants must have the endorsement of their Executive Director or a Board Member in the case that the applicant is the Executive Director.

**We encourage equity-seeking candidates to apply, believing in the need for more diverse leadership in the environmental sector

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What is the TD FEF Leadership Program?


In collaboration with Anima Leadership, TD FEF is offering a 4.5-day interactive course on Leadership and Organizational Development, followed by three webinars that will build on skills learned over the course. The in-person course will take place from Sunday, November 18th to November 22nd in Orillia, Ont., and the webinar components will happen throughout the winter.  Through the interactive course, participants will also have the opportunity to network with other environmental leaders – sharing experiences and building new connections along the way.

The training will interweave elements of cutting-edge curriculum essential to non-profit leadership and organizational development. The courses include:

  • Emotional Literacy Basics: Managing Self before Others
  • Personal Leadership: Style, Blindspots and Vision
  • Conflict Effectiveness: Art of the Courageous Conversation
  • Inclusion 101: Integrating Equity from the Ground Up
  • People and Performance Management
  • Time-Management, Planning and Goal–Setting
  • Board Recruitment and Development

About Anima Leadership

Anima Leadership is an award winning company of consultants, trainers and coaches, offering consulting and training services for individuals, teams and organizations in favour of transformative change.  Anima specializes in issues of inclusive leadership and is recognized across Canada for their innovative programming in this area, which combines concrete leadership theory with science based approaches to change and critical relationship building skills.

Co-founders, Annahid Dashtgard (MEd) and Shakil Choudhury (MEs) both have more than twenty years of experience in the non-profit world, and bring familiarity with the realities of inadequate funding coupled with high need, grassroots organizing alongside political limitations.  Along with their expertise in the world of leadership and organizational development, they bring direct knowledge of what it takes to lead widespread social change.


Why take a leadership course? Hear from our past recipients


In previous years, leadership grants were provided to participants to take part in self-directed programs for their personal and professional development in the environmental sector. Building on the success of the past years and with feedback from our participants, this year we have created a tailored program that teaches the skills and leadership qualities needed to enhance the capacity and impact of environmental organizations.

Testimonials from past leadership grant recipients

“This course has played a vital gap in leadership training within the environment non-profit sector. By giving us the time, space and resources to participate fully, by bringing together such a great group of leaders, by giving us some time away from our busy lives to build our skills, this course has helped all of us understand ourselves better, and improve our capacity to lead our groups in the future. Thank you. The environmental sector as a whole is a little stronger now.” – Jeff Hanger

“The leadership training offered by TD FEF and Anima Leadership has impacted my path as a leader. I can more clearly see the role I have in building my organization and my team to create greater change. I feel empowered, inspired and connected to peers across Canada. I am so thankful for this experience and the personal growth I have had in such a short period of time. Thank you.” – Jodi Romyn

“This training has offered a safe space to share stories and build capacity for myself and my organization to develop, grow and maximize its impact. It provided a necessary break from the realities of the work to pause and reflect on what I do well and what I could do better. The most important lesson I’ve taken away is that good leadership starts with me – how I show up, how grounded I am and how connected I am to the ‘why’ of the work are necessary starting points for transforming my role and organization. The relationships I’ve developed through this opportunity will help carry me forward and give me the support to undertake the work of growing our impact in mindful and intentional ways.” – Britt McKee

“This immersive experience enabled us to quickly assimilate the tools necessary to become better managers, but above all it is a training that supports us in the steps that lead us to question, improve and use our skills, expertise and attitudes as environmental leaders. Through the training and the exercises, we learned from each other and discovered new realities. I returned to my organization enthusiastic about the need to develop a strategic vision where everyone feels motivated to work together and is conscience of the usefulness of continually learning.” – Geneviève Poirier-Ghys


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