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Apply online for funding in four easy steps:

1. Review eligibility criteria

The following organizations are eligible to apply for TD FEF funding:

  • Registered Canadian charities with a Charitable Registration Number (CRN)
  • Educational institutions (primary/secondary/post-secondary)
  • Municipalities
  • Aboriginal groups

2. Check examples of eligible projects

Eligible projects Ineligible projects
check-no Environmental education check-no Salaries (if more than 50% of the amount requested)
check-no Tree plantings (native plant species)* check-no Administrative or capital costs
check-no Energy conservation check-no Landscaping/beautification
check-no Schoolyard or urban naturalization projects* check-no Pledges
Community gardening programs*
check-no Operating expenses or deficits
check-no Habitat restoration check-no Scholarships, grants, bursaries, and awards
check-no Endangered species/wildlife protection check-no Advocacy activities
check-no Environmental research check-no Mileage or meal costs
    check-no Projects started prior to application date

*Please ensure you include a maintenance plan for these types of projects.

3. Review FAQs for application deadlines and more

4. Submit funding request via our Online Application Form or retrieve a saved application if you have already started.

5. Applicants will be required to attach a budget to their application form. Click here for a sample budget template which you may save and use to complete your budget.


Anti-Discrimination Policy

The TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) prohibits discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, veteran status, disability or other characteristic protected by law. You will be asked to indicate whether the projects, programs and activities for which you seek funding comply with TD FEF’s anti-discrimination policy.

TD FEF reserves the right to exclude organizations and decline donations, gifts or sponsorships as it deems appropriate.


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Find out how TD FEF has supported more than 22,000 environmental initiatives across Canada.


Apply for funding

Need funding for your environmental project? Find out if it qualifies for a TD FEF grant, and how to apply.

Apply for funding

For over 22 years, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation has worked to help protect the environment and green communities across Canada.  By donating to TD FEF, you’re directly supporting projects that make a difference in your community. TD Friends of the Environment Foundation - BN/Registration Number: 133702845RR0001