2017 Year in Review - Thanks to you, we’re ready to make a difference 2017 Year in Review - Thanks to you, we’re ready to make a difference

Thank you for your generous support

Thank you for your continued support

Your generous support has helped us green where you live. In 2017, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) has supported more than 600 local environmental projects across Canada. Many of those projects focus on local green spaces – places where we come together to relax, play and find common ground.

Through the TD Common Ground Project, we also invested in community green spaces to bring even more people together. In recognition of Canada’s 150th birthday, in 2017 we granted more than $3 million to over 280 community environment projects, from outdoor classrooms and park revitalizations, to citizen science projects and bioblitzes. With your support, we will continue to grow and care for our environment, by helping to make Canada a greener place.

Donations in action


Donations in action

Watch your donations come to life by sliding the arrow to each amount.


a month soon adds up to the funds needed to support community environmental festivals and hands-on nature activities ($500).


a month can help kids connect with nature in new ways by providing funds for outdoor educational programs ($1,000).


a month can help protect threatened butterflies and bees as pollinator gardens start to blossom ($1,500).


a month can help support citizen science initiatives, like bird counts, that collect environmental data ($2,000).


a month can help green a local park by providing the dollars needed to plant native trees and shrubs ($3,000).


a month can help build accessible nature trails so those with mobility issues can experience time in the wild ($5,000).


Every donation makes a difference


Every dollar counts

TD FEF puts 100% of every donation to work for the environment. How? All of TD FEF’s administrative costs are covered by TD Bank Group.


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Where your
donations go

Take a look at the difference you helped make in 2017 by clicking on each section of this wheel.

Take a look at the difference you helped make in 2017. You’ll see how your donations were put to work greening communities like yours across Canada.

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TD Common Ground: A legacy of 150+ green spaces

Here’s a sampling of some of our TD Common Ground Project projects.

School ground greening

154Schools were supported

in implementing naturalized areas, natural playgrounds and outdoor classrooms.

Citizen scientists

48projects connected

hundreds of local community members to parks and green spaces through hands-on participatory data collection, including bioblitzes.

Parks and trails

39trails through parks and green spaces were created

or enhanced through surfacing upgrades, boardwalk construction and the addition of educational signs.

Local Project Highlights


Local project highlights

The 603 grassroots projects funded by TD FEF in 2017 have turned your donations into positive change by greening communities like yours from the ground up.

From tree plantings and outdoor classrooms to environmental education and restoration efforts, these local projects brought together people of all ages who are committed to protecting the environment in their own backyards and across Canada.

Find your local chapter:

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From creating community gardens to improving the accessibility of nature trails, our local projects are helping to enrich the environment in communities like yours across Canada.


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National programs


National programs

TD FEF is also committed to growing and maintaining healthy urban forests throughout Canada. Through the foundation’s national programs, TD Tree Days, and its municipal grants for urban forestry initiatives, TD FEF works closely with community partners to help plant trees and care for the local environment in communities across Canada.

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TD Tree Days

10,500+ volunteers registered including 4,515 youth under 18 participated
33,000+ trees and shrubs planted at more than 156 community events
300,000th tree planting milestone. 3,500+ TD employee volunteers

For over 25 years, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation has worked to help enrich the environment and green communities across Canada. By donating to TD FEF, you’re directly supporting projects that make a positive difference in your community. TD Friends of the Environment Foundation - BN/Registration Number: 133702845RR0001